Home Mover Mortgages

A moving home mortgage for people who already own a property

If you already own a property and are hoping to sell up and buy somewhere else and you require a second time mortgage or a home mover mortgage then it is imperative you get the best mortgage possible as you are going to miss out on the perks of being a first time buyer, such as no stamp duty, help to buy and first time buyer mortgage perks. But it's not all bad, as you now have a history of servicing a mortgage there are some extremely competitive moving home mortgages available to choose from.

I will compare the whole of the second mortgage market for you
Borrow up to 95% of the purchase price of your new home
Expert advice, tailored to your exact needs
Consolidate unsecured loans or take a further advance
Free mortgage consultation over the phone or face to face
I will manage the entire process up to completion so you don’t have to
Over 50 lenders and 1,000’s of second mortgage deals
Second Mortgage Or Home Mover Mortgage

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Compare the Whole Market

I have access to high street banks as well as specialist lenders that may not be found on comparison websites

Tailored Advice

With so many mortgages to choose from I can offer tailored advice to each client meaning I fit the mortgage to you not the other way around

Free Consultation

All initial advice is free with no obligation to instruct me and I'm are happy to just chat through a case in order to let you know your options


I'm available when it's convenient to you and you can get advice by email, on the phone or in person, whatever you prefer

Independent Broker

I work for you and not for a bank or estate agency so you can be assured my advice is tailored to you and has your needs in mind and no one else's

Premium Support

All my clients have one point of contact, me, who handles their case from start to end so no need to worry about hours on hold to a call centre


Blueberry Mortgages - Home Mover Mortgage Experts

As an experienced homeowner there are some great second time buyer mortgage deals available to you but as many lenders don't advertise on mortgage comparison websites, the only way of comparing the whole market is to speak to an independent broker like me. So get in touch and let me tell you what your best moving home mortgage deal will be, I offer a completely free home mover mortgage consultation with no obligation to proceed with anything so you have nothing to lose!

Home mover mortgage FAQ's

What is a second mortgage?

A second time buyer mortgage (sometimes called a home mover mortgage or moving home mortgage) is the mortgage that you use if you are no longer a first time buyer

Do I need a home mover mortgage?

If you currently own a property then yes, you will need a moving home mortgage. If you have owned a property previously but do not own one at the time of application then you may be able to get a first time buyer mortgage but in the eyes of the taxman you will not be a first time buyer and so will be liable to paying stamp duty at the full rate

How much can I borrow?

This will depend greatly on your personal situation and the only way to know for sure is to get in touch and let me know a bit more information but as a rule of thumb you might be able to borrow around 4.5 times your salary (less committed expenditure) and up to 95% of the value of the property

I am a first time buyer but my partner owns a property, do we need a home mover mortgage?

The short answer is yes. And, again, in the eyes of the taxman you will be classed as home movers and not first time buyers

What's the difference between a second time buyer mortgage and a second charge mortgage?

A second time mortgage is the mortgage you use to buy a new home, despite the name it will be registered as the first charge on the new property (this means it has precedent over any other loan that may subsequently be attached to the property). A second charge mortgage is a new mortgage that would be attached to a property that already has a mortgage on it (the first charge) and the second charge would be paid out after and only if the first charge mortgage is settled

What interest rate will my home mover mortgage have?

Rates are comparable to first time buyer rates and are very competitive at the moment. To get an idea of what is available today get in touch but someone with a good credit score and deposit might be able to get a rate below 2%

What if I have a bad credit history?

Although it makes things more tricky there are many lenders who are more than happy to lend to people with some adverse credit history in the background. Get in touch and let me know what your situation is and I’ll let you know what is available to you

Second Mortgage Or Home Mover Mortgage

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Oxford: 01865 238 154
Bicester: 01869 241 009

Why Use a Mortgage Broker

Although I offer a completely free, no obligation mortgage consultation there is a charge if you would like me to apply for a mortgage on your behalf, so why use a mortgage broker instead of going direct to a high street bank?