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Contractor Mortgages Needn't Be Complicated

If you're a self employed contractor then finding a mortgage to buy a home or remortgage your current property can be a long and complicated procedure. So why not get in touch and let me take the hassle out of the entire process by carefully understanding your personal situation then tailoring expert mortgage advice to give you the best contractor mortgage options possible.

Access to specialist contractor mortgage lenders and mortgages
Self employed and even limited company directors may be eligible
Newly started as a contractor may not be an issue
Whatever your circumstances there could be a contractor mortgage just right for you
Free contractor mortgage consultation over the phone, by email or face to face
Adverse or poor credit history contractor mortgages available
Get in touch for a chat and find out what your options are
Contractor Mortgages Explained in Easy English

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Compare the Whole Market

I have access to high street banks as well as specialist lenders that may not be found on comparison websites

Tailored Advice

With so many mortgages to choose from I can offer tailored advice to each client meaning I fit the mortgage to you not the other way around

Free Consultation

All initial advice is free with no obligation to instruct me and I'm are happy to just chat through a case in order to let you know your options


I'm available when it's convenient to you and you can get advice by email, on the phone or in person, whatever you prefer

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I work for you and not for a bank or estate agency so you can be assured my advice is tailored to you and has your needs in mind and no one else's

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All my clients have one point of contact, me, who handles their case from start to end so no need to worry about hours on hold to a call centre


Blueberry Mortgages - contractor mortgages explained

If you're a contractor then you probably have enough to worry about already so why not let me help arrange your mortgage. I will take the time to fully understand your situation and then I'll tailor make some contractor mortgage recommendations that will enable you to carry on with the important stuff in life.

Contractor mortgage FAQ's

What is a contractor mortgage?

If you are self employed and working on a fixed term contract it may be possible to secuer a mortgage based on the value of the contract rather than your previous year or years’ tax returns. This is useful if you are newly self employed as there are lenders who may base their lending decision on the value of the contract rather than last year’s self assessment accounts

Can I get a contractor mortgage?

Every lender has different criteria so it is difficult to generalise but if you have a been a contractor for a while then it shouldn’t be a problem but even if you are new to self employment then, as long as you have a history of working in a similar field, then it may still be possoble to get a contractor mortgage

How much can I borrow?

This really depends on your situation as a lender will assess how much you can borrow based on how much you earn minus any committed expenditure but as a loose rule of thumb, it is possible to get around 4.5 times your annual salary as a loan.

I pay myself through a limited company, can I still get a contractor mortgage?

This depends on the set up but in theory there is no reason why you can’t find a lender who will consider you as a contractor rather than a company director

I have just started contracting, can I get a mortgage?

If you have a history of working in the same field, at least 2 years, then there is a good chance we will be able to find you a contractor mortgage

What interest rate will my mortgage have?

If a lender is happy to work off your fixed term contract then you are basically considered employed for the purposes of the loan and so you will be able to get rates comparable to any on the high street, depending on your credit history and deposit etc

What if I can't get a contractor mortgage at the moment?

Once I understand your situation it may turn out that you’re not in a position to get a contractor mortgage but I will carefully explain why and what you need to do to put yourself in a position to get one in the future. I will also take the time to outline any other options you may have

Contractor Mortgages Explained in Easy English

Call Blueberry Today

Oxford: 01865 238 154
Bicester: 01869 241 009

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Although I offer a completely free, no obligation mortgage consultation there is a charge if you would like me to apply for a mortgage on your behalf, so why use a mortgage broker instead of going direct to a high street bank?