Adverse Credit Mortgages

A poor credit history is just that...history!

If you would like a mortgage or remortgage but are worried about your less than perfect credit history then call Blueberry Mortgages today and let me tell you about our range of adverse credit lenders. They offer credit repair mortgages which are available to people who have missed credit payments or had defaults, have CCJ's and even been declared bankrupt so whatever your circumstances I could have a mortgage just right for you.

Specialist adverse credit mortgage lenders
Defaults, CCJ’s, debt management plans, discharged bankruptcies and others considered
Friendly, impartial advice tailored to your specific needs
I will explain your credit history and how it affects lenders’ decisions
You can secure a mortgage over the phone, by email or face to face
I will fill out the application and liaise with the bank so you don’t have to
Free, no obligation adverse credit mortgage consultation
Adverse credit mortgages made easy

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Compare the Whole Market

I have access to high street banks as well as specialist lenders that may not be found on comparison websites

Tailored Advice

With so many mortgages to choose from I can offer tailored advice to each client meaning I fit the mortgage to you not the other way around

Free Consultation

All initial advice is free with no obligation to instruct me and I'm are happy to just chat through a case in order to let you know your options


I'm available when it's convenient to you and you can get advice by email, on the phone or in person, whatever you prefer

Independent Broker

I work for you and not for a bank or estate agency so you can be assured my advice is tailored to you and has your needs in mind and no one else's

Premium Support

All my clients have one point of contact, me, who handles their case from start to end so no need to worry about hours on hold to a call centre


Blueberry Mortgages - adverse credit mortgage specialists

Worrying about your poor credit history can be stressful but actually getting a mortgage needn't be. Speak to Blueberry Mortgages and let me help you understand your credit report and whether it's going to affect your chances of getting a mortgage. And once I've have found you the perfect home loan I will complete the application and handle the whole process from start to finish.

Adverse credit mortgage FAQ's

What is an adverse credit mortgage?

Most high street lenders will only offer mortgages to people who have a nearly perfect credit history but there are many specialist lenders who will be much more accepting of your adverse credit history. So perhaps you’ve missed payments on your mobile phone or even missed payments on your mortgage well there is probably a mortgage just right for you

Can I get an adverse credit mortgage?

It really depends on your circumstances and your credit history but there are mortgages for people who have missed one or a number of payments, had defaults, have unsettled CCJ’s against them, missed mortgage payments in the past, are in a debt management plan and even been declared bankrupt

How much can I borrow?

That depends on your individual circumstances and the property you wish to secure the loan against. Most adverse mortgage lenders will lend around 4.5 times your salary and will expect you to have at least a 5% deposit

I've been turned down for a mortgage before can I still get an adverse credit mortgage?

Again, without having all the information it is difficult to say but if it was a high street bank that refused to give you a mortgage and your credit history meets the lending criteria of any of our specialist lenders then there is every chance I will be able to help you secure a mortgage

How can I find out what my credit score is?

There are 4 main credit referencing agencies in Britain and so I would recommend signing up with Checkmyfile.com as they have all the information held by all four agencies. They offer a 1 month free trial and once you have access to your credit file you will be sure of seeing everything any potential lender will see about you.

What interest rate will my mortgage have?

This depends on many factors but the interest rate of any mortgage reflects the risk to the lender. So someone with perfect credit, a large loan to value and a comfortable salary to loan ratio might be able to secure the most favourable interest rates somewhere below 2%. But as you stray further from this ideal you will notice rates start to rise accordingly. Keep going to other end of the scale to someone with a poor credit history, a small deposit and a stretched salary to loan ratio and they may still be able to get a remortgage but the rate could be as high as 5 or 6% but the only way to really find out is to let me search the market for you

What if I can't get an adverse credit mortgage?

If we find that your credit history prevents you from taking a mortgage I will work with you to understand exactly what the stumbling blocks are and how best to overcome them. It could just be a case of waiting for a few months for an adverse record to drop off your file or maybe you will need to close some accounts, but whatever it is I will explain it in clear, easy to understand language and I will help you get to a position where you will be able to get a mortgage to buy your home

Adverse credit mortgages made easy

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Although I offer a completely free, no obligation mortgage consultation there is a charge if you would like me to apply for a mortgage on your behalf, so why use a mortgage broker instead of going direct to a high street bank?