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JP did an amazing job, everything was quick and easy. He has a wealth of contacts who are reliable industry experts to ensure you are getting the best deal. If I could afford to buy a second house I'd use his services again!

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Price comparison websites are a good guide but not all lenders advertise on them and you could end up wasting £100's each month if you're not on the very best mortgage rate.
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Mortgages Made Easy

If mortgages were easy there would be no need for mortgage brokers like me. In a perfect world every lender would lend you the same amount of money and assess your income and personal circumstances in exactly the same way. There would be the same fees and conditions attached to every mortgage and any adverse credit would be viewed the same from bank to bank. This would mean you would not need to find a mortgage broker in Oxford or Bicester as the only thing you would have to think about is the headline interest rate. But life isn’t easy.

For, one lender may be willing to lend you 4 times your salary whilst another may stretch to 5.5 times your annual income. There could be a mortgage provider that may want you to have been employed for at least 6 months whereas another may be happy to lend on your first day in a new job.

Self employed? The options get even more complicated and good luck trying to understand every lender’s criteria when it comes to a less than perfect credit score! Rocket scientists would struggle to get their heads around the arcane graphs and infographics banks use to categorise everyone into their various tiers.

And when it comes to a mortgage it really does pay to make sure you get it right. Taking the wrong mortgage could end up costing you many £1,000’s more than it should if you end up paying more than necessary each month.

And the easiest way of making sure you are getting the best mortgage broker in Oxford is to speak to me! 🙂 I will take into account your very particular set of circumstances and then match you to one of over 10,000 mortgages that are currently available from over 50 lenders, including many that do not advertise on price comparison websites.

This tailor made recommendation will include exactly how much you can borrow, what the interest rate and monthly payments will be and your likelihood of being approved for the mortgage. And I’ll do it for free. No catch or strings attached.

Jean Pierre Kalebic Mortgage Broker Milton Keynes

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JP did an amazing job, everything was quick and easy. He has a wealth of contacts who are reliable industry experts to ensure you are getting the best deal. If I could afford to buy a second house I'd use his services again!
My partner and I are EU nationals living in the UK and JP is helping us to buy our first home and we could not be more happy with his service. He has taken the time to fully explain the house buying process and all its complexities and thanks to his recommendation we have been able to find a mortgage that fits with our peculiar situation. Using JP to help arrange our mortgage has been a pleasure and he has saved us far more than his fee cost!
I can't thank Jean Pierre enough he has taken all the head ache out of renewing my mortgage. He was patient and took great care to make sure I was aware of the various options whilst listening to my views without judgment.
I am now looking forward to saving money month on month.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend going with Blueberry Mortgages for any mortgage queries.
Many thanks again

Independent Mortgage Broker
Covering Oxford, Bicester, Oxfordshire And Beyond

When you instruct me to find your perfect mortgage you get more than just an Oxfordshire mortgage broker, you get a property expert, with over 15 years’ experience on the front line of the UK property market. This wide-ranging real estate industry knowledge allows me to give tailored, expert mortgage advice based on real-world experience ensuring each and every one of my clients gets the best mortgage possible for their particular circumstances.

I am able to offer advice on many aspects of the residential property market, so whether you need help finding a buyer for your central Oxford apartment, want to expand your buy to let portfolio in Bicester, need to make a property development work in Witney or are downsizing for retirement in Kidlington then get in touch and let me show you what the possibilities are when you have an expert, independent mortgage broker working for you.

During my time in property I have:

• spent more than 6 years working in estate agency both as a lettings and sales manager – this has given me a wealth of experience of all aspects of the the home purchase and letting market which I now use to help my clients understand and traverse the many complexities of the house buying or remortgaging process
• negotiated the sale or rent of over 1,000 homes giving me a unique insight into the workings of the real estate market which I use to ensure each of my cases runs as smoothly as possible
• sold off-plan investment properties worth over £50million as a buy to let investment property specialist giving me the chance to understand the new build process from planning application to completion
• developed a variety of properties from council flats and student houses to a luxury central London apartment with a gross development value of over £1,000,000

So if you need an Oxford mortgage broker get in touch with me. Because when you get advice from me you know it is based on many year’s of property experience and not something I read out of a book or on Google. And I use this experience to ensure each and every client of mine gets the best deal for them and not the bank or estate agent. So if you’re thinking about buying a new home or remortgaging an existing one call or email me today for a chat and let me take the stress out of the mortgage process.

Oxford:     01865 238 154
Bicester:   01869 241 009

Why Use a Mortgage Broker Oxford?

I compare the whole market with access to high street banks and specialist lenders you won’t find on any price comparison website
State of the art technology matches each client up with their perfect mortgage, chosen from thousands of possible options
Choose the exact features and benefits of your mortgage – don’t want to pay an arrangement fee or solicitor’s costs? No problem
I will be your main point of contact throughout the entire application process, so you will never have to wait on hold to a call centre
Mortgage applications are long and complicated but with me you don’t have to worry about making a mistake as I will do everything for you